5 Helpful Tips For Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing is one of your most important senses, but you could still take it for granted. If you do not take proper care of your ears, you are more likely to experience hearing loss in the future. Here are five helpful tips for preventing hearing loss. Wear Earplugs When Necessary If you are exposed to loud noise, such as a subway train, for an extended period of time, you could damage your hearing. [Read More]

Choosing The Best Glasses For Safety On The Water

The right safety equipment is imperative if you enjoy water sports. Whether it's swimming, boating, skiing or fishing, your eye safety should be one of your number one concerns. Risk Factors A day on the water can pose many risks to your vision. The most common concerns include: Sun damage. Light is intensified on the water due to the reflective qualities. This can result in eye strain or lasting damage to your sight. [Read More]

3 Tips To Enjoy A Celebratory Party Without Damaging Your Eyes

Whether you're celebrating the New Year, Canada Day or any other celebratory party where fireworks and drinking may be involved, it is important that you protect yourself and your eyes during the party. After all, you need your eyes to be able to fully enjoy the festivities tonight and every night in the future. Here are three tips to keep in mind when celebrating: 1. Be Careful with the Party Poppers. [Read More]

Orthodontics Can Help Kids That Are Missing Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth tend to fall out as a child's permanent teeth erupt, but there are times when kids are born without certain permanent teeth. This condition is called congenitally missing teeth, and the permanent teeth that are missing will never grow in. If your child has this issue, you may want to talk to an orthodontist to find out if braces could help solve the problem. Why This Happens Experts are not entirely certain why some children are born without certain teeth, but it is relatively common. [Read More]