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3 Contact Lens Tips For New Contact Wearers

Contact lenses present a convenient way to correct your vision without having to wear glasses. You do not have to worry about carrying around a large glasses case in your back or worry about putting your glasses down somewhere and losing them. Having contact lenses makes life much easier, but you must also keep a few simple rules in mind when you are using them in order to make sure that you are using them effectively. Your optometrist is very knowledgeable about them and will answer any questions you have. Here are three contact lens tips for new contact wearers.

Wash your hands with unscented, mild soap before handling your contacts.

Wash your hands before handling your contacts in order to eliminate harmful bacteria that can lead to eye infections. You must also be careful to use mild, unscented soap when washing your hands. Scented, harsher soaps can leave a film on your hands that becomes harmful to your contacts. The film can irritate your eyes as it is transferred to your contacts, or it can degrade your contacts and cause them to start breaking down.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to put your contacts in and take them out.

Your optometrist carefully selects contact lenses based on your visual needs and recommends time periods for wearing them and changing them out. Take notes on your optometrist's recommendations and set alarms on your phone so you remember when to change your contacts. This helps to ensure that you do not wear your contacts past their expiration date. An alarm on your phone is also incredibly helpful for helping to remind you to take our your contacts at the end of the day. Sleeping in your contacts is not recommended as it can cause your eyes to become irritated and also cause them to dry out.

Do not let the tip of your contact solution bottle touch other surfaces.

Be very careful not to let your contact cleaning solution's tip touch any surfaces, including your eyeball, your contacts, or your hands. The bottle should be stored in a clean, dry environment and the tip should remain as sterile as possible. Touching the tip to an unintended surface is not a good idea because bacteria and dirt can contaminate your contact solution as you apply it. Consult with your optometrist, such as Dr. Fernando Eyecare, about the best way to store your contact cleaning solution.