Stocking Your First Aid Kit When You Have Kids

If you've got children, you know just how prone they can be to accidents and illnesses. Cuts, bumps, bruises, scrapes, sniffles, sneezes and fevers are all frequently on your "make it better list." Unfortunately, a kiss from mom or dad isn't always enough to make it all better, and there is nothing worse than going to your first aid kit and discovering that you don't have what you need to help your kiddo. [Read More]

3 Contact Lens Tips For New Contact Wearers

Contact lenses present a convenient way to correct your vision without having to wear glasses. You do not have to worry about carrying around a large glasses case in your back or worry about putting your glasses down somewhere and losing them. Having contact lenses makes life much easier, but you must also keep a few simple rules in mind when you are using them in order to make sure that you are using them effectively. [Read More]

5 Helpful Tips For Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing is one of your most important senses, but you could still take it for granted. If you do not take proper care of your ears, you are more likely to experience hearing loss in the future. Here are five helpful tips for preventing hearing loss. Wear Earplugs When Necessary If you are exposed to loud noise, such as a subway train, for an extended period of time, you could damage your hearing. [Read More]

Choosing The Best Glasses For Safety On The Water

The right safety equipment is imperative if you enjoy water sports. Whether it's swimming, boating, skiing or fishing, your eye safety should be one of your number one concerns. Risk Factors A day on the water can pose many risks to your vision. The most common concerns include: Sun damage. Light is intensified on the water due to the reflective qualities. This can result in eye strain or lasting damage to your sight. [Read More]