Three Myths You Need To Know Before Getting A Dental Crown

Any people what one thing they fear the most, and going to the dentist will top many lists. Unfortunately, that fear often leads people to avoiding the dentist, not getting proper care, and having problems that necessitate a root canal and eventually a crown. Most people that do need dental crowns understand the basics of what a crown is, and what it does, but that's about it. There's a lot of misinformation out there, and having the wrong information could lead to trouble down the road. [Read More]

Three Things New Prescription Glasses Wearers Wonder About

If you've been recently diagnosed with vision changes and require the use of corrective lenses, you may have a lot of questions. Below are three commonly asked questions by those who are faced with acquiring their first pair of prescription eyeglasses. Why Can't I Just Buy Them at the Pharmacy? Eyeglasses that are sold at the pharmacy, known as reading glasses, can sometimes be helpful for those having trouble seeing up close. [Read More]

How to Detect Vision Problems in Your Baby

There is so much to worry about in the first year of your baby's life. What to feed him, how long to let him nap, what it means when he cries, or how to keep him from putting everything in his mouth. One of the last things you may be looking for is how well he sees. However, your doctor is already looking for signs of abnormal eye and vision development at various ages and you should be too. [Read More]

Run Don't Walk! 3 Medical Emergencies You Should Always Call An Ambulance For

Unfortunately, accidents and illness are unavoidable. Everyone gets hurt or becomes sick at some point during their lives.While there are many things that will land you in the emergency room, not all of them necessitate an ambulance ride. If you're suffering from the flu and can't seem to keep liquids down, you can have someone drive you to the emergency room. However, there are a few emergencies that require the immediate medical attention given by paramedics on scene. [Read More]