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3 Reasons You Need Prescription Sunglasses

When you wear normal glasses, you don't get any UVA or UVB protection. If you try to wear normal sunglasses, you don't have any prescription in the lenses, making it harder to see. So, what can you do? Try prescription sunglasses. Here's three of the major benefits of these glasses and why you need to invest in them. 

They Fit Your Face Correctly

Sunglasses only work properly if they fit you correctly. Sunglasses that are too big or too small don't sit well on the face, and that means they have more gaps where sunlight can get behind the lenses and into your eyes. 

When you get prescription lenses, your eye doctor will work with you to find glasses that look attractive and fit your face appropriately. 

If your prescription sunglasses are going to be used for sporting, you may also have options like thick, shatter-proof lenses or goggle-shaped frames that surround the eyes from all sides. 

They Allow You To See Normally

One problem people with normal glasses have is that to wear sunglasses, they need to remove their prescription glasses. This can cause a problem, particularly for those who have poor vision without their glasses. 

Prescription sunglasses have the same prescription you require in your traditional glasses along with a heavy UVA and UVB-protective tint. Thanks to this, you can:

  • Forgo bringing your extra pair of glasses with you when you go on a bike ride or spend at a day at the beach.
  • Leave your sunglasses on while driving. When you're driving, you'll be able to see without having to switch back and forth between sunglasses and your prescription lenses to read signs and road markings. This is safer, since you can keep your hands on the wheel and won't be blinded by the late-afternoon sun. 

They Can Be Customized

The best part about prescription sunglasses is that they're completely customizable. You can choose lenses without a frame, or you can opt for large-framed bug-style glasses. Trendy options are available along with traditional shapes and styles. 

You can also change the color of tint on the glasses or opt for transitional lenses. Transitional lenses work like prescription sunglasses with a tint, but when you go into a shaded area, they revert to normal lenses without a tint. 

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider getting prescription sunglasses. They're perfect for keeping your eyes healthy, so give them a try! Talk to experts like The Eyeglass Factory for more information.