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How Might A Naturopath Treat Stomach Ulcers?

Stomach ulcers can be quite painful. Although they are caused by a bacterial species known as H. pylori, they tend to come on during periods of high stress. If you think you may have gastric ulcers, it is a good idea to see a naturopath. These doctors aim to treat diseases and ailments using the most natural remedies possible. Here are a few such remedies that a naturopath may recommend for a stomach ulcer.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a succulent-like plant that many people keep in their homes. Its gel-like fluids work really well to soothe burns and irritated skin. If you ingest the aloe vera juice, it can have a similar effect on your stomach. It can help coat the ulcer and the rest of your stomach lining, reducing the pain you experience after eating. The aloe vera juice can also form a barrier between your stomach lining and the stomach acid, which can eventually allow the ulcer to heal. Your naturopath will tell you how often to drink aloe vera juice and how much to drink. In many cases, they'll recommend drinking a few ounces of it before every meal.

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice contains sulfur-based compounds that are thought to help fight off the bacteria that cause ulcers. It is also high in vitamin C, which will support your body's immune system so it can better combat these bacteria. Your naturopath may recommend drinking cabbage juice a few times per day until your stomach starts to feel better. It doesn't have a pleasant taste, but adding a little ginger to it can make it more tolerable. (Luckily, ginger is good for the stomach, too.)


Did you know that licorice is actually a root? It's not just that long, black candy you see in stores. Your naturopath may recommend taking real licorice in the form of capsules to help ease your gastric ulcers. It is thought that licorice stimulates the digestive tract to produce more mucous. This mucous can help protect the stomach lining from your stomach acid, which can prevent future ulcers and help your existing ones to heal.

Which remedy your naturopath recommends will depend on the nature of your ulcers, their severity, and your naturopath's own experience with these various remedies. In addition to taking whatever products you're prescribed, make sure you also work on reducing your stress levels. Meditate, get plenty of sleep, and take care of yourself. This can all lead to a reduction in stress and therefore a reduction in ulcers.

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