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What Are The Levels Of First Aid Training?

A first aid training course provides you with the skills, education, and competence to help anyone going through a medical emergency. However, there are different levels of first aid courses to choose from, so it is important you know the difference between them to choose the best one for you. The following are first aid level courses and what they entail.

Level 1 First Aid Course

A level 1 first aid course will go over the basic first aid skills everyone should know. This course will help you learn the techniques you need to respond to medical emergencies you may encounter. This is a fundamental course that helps you gain confidence in your medical skills and possibly save a life. This course is often completed in a day but can span over a couple of days in some cases.

You do not need any medical experience or training to take a level 1 first aid course. You must meet the age requirements of the course and be able to physically perform basic first aid techniques. To earn a certification, you must pass an exam with a passing score outlined by the program.

Level 2 First Aid Course

A level 2 first aid course is a more intermediate first aid class that helps you gain more extensive knowledge and training in emergency care. In this course, you learn more systematic approaches to first aid along with how to provide advanced medical care while you wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Level 2 first aid teaches you how to recognize hypothermia, exhaustion, frostbite, heatstroke, and the like.

This course is longer than a level 1 first aid course, taking several weeks to complete. This course is a requirement when you want to complete more advanced medical training. Level 2 first aid training is perfect for security guards, lifeguards, first responders, teachers, or anyone who is responsible for other people on a daily basis. You must have a level 1 certification before you can take this course.

Level 3 First Aid Course

Level 3 first aid is an advanced course and is the highest level you can achieve. Level 3 first aid training teaches first aid, CPR certification, and management of a first aid facility. The course is ideal for a workplace in which a hospital is a long distance away.

This course can take a few months to complete. You will gain theoretical and hands-on experience to deal with a wide variety of injuries and medical episodes. This is a comprehensive training and should be completed by those who are supervisors, work in an environment that is hazardous, or those who do not have quick access to medical or emergency care. For more information on level 3 first aid, contact a professional near you.