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About Pelvic Floor Weakening and Physiotherapy That Helps

Just as with most other parts of the body, the pelvic floor muscles can also get to a point where they need some improvement. The pelvic floor can end up being weakened during certain stages of a person's life, as well as after they have gone through something physically. Some good news is that also like the other parts of the body, there are also things someone cal do to help rehabilitate their pelvic floor. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a type of therapy that focuses on strengthening this part of the body. The information below will explain more about pelvic floor weakening and how pelvic floor physiotherapy can help. 

Things that can cause someone's pelvic floor to become weaker

There are so many things that can cause the pelvic floor to weaken. While some of these things can be prevented, there are also others that someone won't have any control over. Some examples of these things include: 

  • Having certain types of surgery

  • Lifting heavy objects, especially when lifted with improper body mechanics

  • Going through the childbirth process

  • Being overweight

  • Going through menopause

Signs that a person's pelvic floor may be weakening

There can be many symptoms a person may experience if they have a weakened pelvic floor. Something you want to understand is not everyone will share the exact same symptoms. Therefore, two people with this issue may exchange notes and find they share very few things in common when it comes to the things they are experiencing. Some different symptoms can include: 

Problems regarding going to the bathroom - Some symptoms that have to do with going to the bathroom can include experiencing pain while urinating, feeling pain when they have to urinate, having a hard time fully emptying the bladder, pain when defecating, or even being constipated. Also, someone with a weakened pelvic floor can end up accidentally urinating a little when they cough or sneeze. 

Problems regarding sex-related issues - Someone experiencing this issue can also find they experience pain while having sex, and that pain can even linger after sexual intercourse. There can also be pain at other times, such as while the person is inserting a tampon, inserting a diaphragm, or inserting a diva cup. 

Ways that pelvic floor physiotherapy can help

Pelvic floor physiotherapy involves strengthening the pelvic floor by doing specific exercises that work that area out and cause the muscles to get stronger. As the muscles become stronger like they once were, the symptoms described above can lessen and eventually go away altogether. 

The exercise that will be done during this therapy will include ones that focus on things like improving a person's posture, strengthening their back, increasing flexibility in the area of one's hips, and more. Also, learning to do kegels properly and doing them regularly can be a big help when it comes to someone strengthening the pelvic floor.