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Do You Have A Knee Injury But The Doctor Wants Therapy Before An MRI? Find A Physiotherapist Today

If you have had a severe knee injury and you aren't recovering as you should, and you are missing milestones post-surgery, it's time to meet with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are great for sports injuries, especially when you have chronic pain or issues that need to be relieved.

You don't want to just get rid of the pain temporarily, but you want to regain the function and motion of your knee joint, and return to your activities stronger and healthier. Here are some of the reasons why physiotherapy is worth attempting.

Therapy Is Often Required Before Surgery

Most insurance companies will require that you attempt therapy for a knee injury or condition before they will approve any type of surgery. They may also require therapy before even approving an MRI or other scans. However, with proper therapy, the scan may not be needed. This is why it's so important to get the physiotherapy process started quickly.

Strengthen While Treating the Pain

To prevent reinjury it's important to strengthen not just the area in the knee where you have injury, but also strengthen the muscles that support it. This helps prevent reinjury from reoccurring and can fully restore the use of your knee after the injury.

Physiotherapy Involves Many Techniques

Basic physiotherapy isn't always the best option when trying to heal an injury that is chronic. The physiotherapists will use:

  • Transcutaneous electrical therapy
  • Soft tissue massage and healing treatments
  • Manipulation of the joints
  • Electrical stimulation to the area
  • Thermal agent application
  • Ultrasonic therapy

The types of treatments that you need and how often you go to therapy will be determined by the severity of your injury. The qualified physiotherapist will help you figure out what is working, and what more needs to be done to heal your injuries.

The goal of therapy isn't just to relieve the aches and pains that bother you now, but also to help you learn how to maintain your health so you don't have future struggles with the knee. If you can avoid surgery with therapy, this provides financial savings, prevents time missed from work and recovering, and helps you get back to normal sooner.

If your physician is just recommending regular therapy, or if you have tried physical therapy and it isn't working you are still in pain on a daily basis, it's time to seek physiotherapy treatments. They may be a better option to treat all of your pain. for more information, contact a clinic that offers knee pain physio treatments.