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Four Ways To Partner With Your Pharmacist For Health And Wellness

Your local neighborhood pharmacy can do more than simply fill your prescriptions each month. You can actually partner with your pharmacist to provide additional healthcare benefits and minimize the need for doctor's appointments throughout the year. Here are just some of the many ways your pharmacy can help you meet your health and wellness goals.

Vaccines And Physicals

Some medical pharmacies offer a number of wellness services, including vaccines and annual physicals. Ask if your pharmacy employs a nurse practitioner or other qualified medical personnel who can help administer flu shots, perform basic annual physicals, or help keep your children's vaccine schedules up to date. You may find that your pharmacy even accepts your medical insurance, which means you can get some services at no charge or with a small co-pay.

Medication Discounts

Your pharmacist has many tools to help make your prescriptions more affordable. If you find that your doctor has prescribed a medication that your insurance doesn't cover, or if the drug is too expensive even with insurance, the pharmacy may be able to help. Some medical pharmacies offer prescriptions to savings clubs, which provide discounts on commonly prescribed medications. A pharmacist can also partner with your doctor to find a generic alternative. In some cases, your pharmacist may have access to coupons you can use to reduce the cost of a drug that has no generic equivalent.

Over-The-Counter Advice

Pharmacists can help guide you through different over-the-counter medication options. For example, if you are looking for an OTC allergy medication, your local pharmacist can help you find the choice with fewer side effects or the option that provides all-day relief. New parents may seek out help for baby's fever or teething pain. Your pharmacist can also show you different vitamins to take to supplement your daily diet to help boost your immune system, digestive health, and bone health. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you aren't sure which medication or supplement might work best for you.

Prescription Scheduling

If you take several medications each day, it can be hard to stick to the correct schedule. Your pharmacist can help you create a daily schedule to ensure each medication is taken properly. He or she will consider which medications must be taken on an empty stomach and which one's might require you to eat or drink first. You can even ask for help to find a pill dispenser or container you can use to sort your daily prescriptions to help avoid taking more than you should. When discussing these issues with your pharmacist, remember to use this time to ask any questions you might have about any new medications your doctor has prescribed for you.

Working with a pharmacy for health and wellness can be a great way to meet a wealth of goals. Contact your local pharmacy today for any questions you might have.