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Three Times To Consider Renting A Hospital Bed

Your local medical equipment rental service has a wide range of devices that can assist you in your home. One of the largest types of medical equipment that you can rent is a hospital bed. You'll generally find that there are several different types of hospital beds that are available to you, including those with basic functionality and those that offer enhanced options. If you're facing a scenario in which adding a hospital bed to your home may be useful, find a medical equipment rental service in your community to assess your options. Here are three times to consider renting a hospital bed.

Caring For An Elderly Family Member

While a lot of people work to place elderly or ill family members in nursing homes or assisted living centers, this isn't a feasible option for everyone. In many cases, it makes sense to have a family member live with you in your home. If you're planning to have a family member stay with you, you'll need to evaluate where your loved one will sleep. A conventional bed may be ineffective because it lacks the functionality that your family member needs — for example, bed rails to keep him or her from falling at night. Renting a hospital bed and setting it up in one of your rooms can be a solution.

Recovering From Surgery

You may be facing a situation in which it makes sense to rent a hospital bed while a family member deals with limited mobility. For example, if your spouse is going to have a surgical procedure that will limit his or her ability to get around the house, the idea of going up and down the stairs to the bedroom may be daunting. Instead of having this person risk injury on the stairs, it can make sense to rent a hospital bed that you can situate on the ground floor of the residence. You might only need the bed for a few weeks as the person recovers, but having it can provide peace of mind.

Struggling To Sleep Soundly

People experience a wide range of sleep ailments that can present significant challenges at different times. For example, if you're dealing with frequent cases of acid reflux, your doctor may advocate propping up your upper body while you sleep. Doing so with pillows can be awkward, and you may worry about waking your spouse as you move to try to stay comfortable. In this scenario, you may wish to consider renting a hospital bed until you get this condition under control. You can adjust the hospital bed's mattress so that your body is on an incline — thus helping you to deal with your acid reflux.

If any of these situations sound ideal for you, consider looking into a hospital bed for rent.