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Against Spaying? You May Need To Change Your Mind If Your Two Female Dogs Start Fighting

Almost 99 percent of the time, your two unspayed female dogs are very sweet to each other. However, they occasionally become very aggressive and threaten to hurt or even kill the other. In this scenario, you can't let your dogs remain unspayed because they may end up hurting each other too much.

Why Female Dogs May Be Aggressive

Though male dogs may be thought of as more aggressive than females, this conception is one that can change very quickly in some households. Dealing with two angry female dogs in a fight is just as scary as with male dogs and could be just as dangerous to one of both of the dogs.

This type of aggressive behavior in a female is almost always related to sexual aggression and occurs when they go into heat. In essence, both dogs are competing for attention from males or they may have unbalanced chemicals that trigger more aggressive behaviors. This situation is particularly frustrating if your dogs are friendly most of the time but suddenly become aggressive whenever they are in heat. This situation is one that you simply can't tolerate because it may threaten the life of your dogs. As a result, you need to spay your dogs even if it feels wrong.

Why Spaying is So Essential

Though you may feel like spaying is cruel to your dog and want to avoid doing this to her, most veterinarians disagree with you. Spaying your dog will help to protect her not only from unwanted sexual attention from males and unnecessary pregnancies, but it will also calm down her aggressive behavior.

For example, most female dogs immediately calm down once they've been spayed simply because they no longer have the sexual reasons for their aggression. This benefit is critical if you have multiple female dogs in a house and they are both experience these kinds of aggression.

Just as importantly, you need to know that spaying your dog doesn't affect their mental health in any way. Your female dog will never realize that you've spayed her and will live a happier and more stable life. Make sure that your pup is calm when you take her to her appointment – most experts agree this helps to make the process go smoothly.

So if you own multiple unspayed female dogs who are becoming very aggressive towards each other, you need to get the spaying procedure done as soon as possible. There is a good chance that both may calm down and learn how to interact with each other in calm and reasonable ways.