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What To Expect From Your First Manicure

Manicures provide you with beautifully-painted nails and a short pampering session. It is a great way to reward yourself for a hard working week or to get your nails ready for a special event. If you have never had a manicure before, this is what you can expect during your first one.

The Preparation

The first step of a manicure is the preparation. If you currently have nail polish on your nails, they will need to remove it first. They will then start filing and shaping your nails to get it ready for polish. Depending on how long your nails currently are, the technician can shape them to be rounded or have a square tip. For the strongest nails, they will usually use your nail's natural shape as a guide.

Once your nails are ready, they will apply cuticle cream to the cuticles and push them down with a special tool. Some nail technicians trim them, while others simply push them down. During this type, one hand is often soaking while the other is being worked on. With manicures, you might also have a hand massage during these preparation steps.

Choosing Your Color

At this point, you will choose what type of color you want, or you can choose a different nail style. If you don't want a solid color, you might want to get a French manicure with white tips, or choose a gel manicure. If you are choosing a style of nails, the nail technician will do that first. French manicures take longer than applying a fresh coat of color. Regardless of the type of color or nail style you choose, you will have a coat of gloss added on top of your nails as the final step. They might give you a moment before adding the final coat of gloss to get out your money or wallet so you don't ruin it later.

Drying and Hardening the Nails

Once the last coat of polish or gloss is applied to your nails, you will put your nails under a nail dryer. You might also put them under a UV light, which helps to dry and harden them. Expect to sit there for several minutes waiting for your nails to dry completely. You want to try and let them dry as long as possible so you don't mess up the fresh manicure as soon as you walk out the door. When you are paying for your manicure, leave the technician a tip similar to the percentage you would leave for any other service provided to you.

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