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3 Tips To Enjoy A Celebratory Party Without Damaging Your Eyes

Whether you're celebrating the New Year, Canada Day or any other celebratory party where fireworks and drinking may be involved, it is important that you protect yourself and your eyes during the party. After all, you need your eyes to be able to fully enjoy the festivities tonight and every night in the future. Here are three tips to keep in mind when celebrating:

1. Be Careful with the Party Poppers.

Confetti is a huge part of any festivity. Party poppers are very popular, especially among the younger generation. Regardless of your age, though, party poppers can be very dangerous if you don't handle them properly. They can very easily cause serious eye damage. When using these party favors, you want to make sure they are pointed away from you and never at another person. Like with standard fireworks, if yours is a dud, don't try to do it again or put it in your face. It could literally blow up and cause significant facial and eye injuries.

2. Don't Be Popped by the Champagne Cork.

If you're really celebrating, then you can't do it the right way without a bottle of champagne. However, that cork can really give you some trouble if you aren't careful. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to impress your guests by opening up the champagne bottle like a pro, you want to avoid the flying cork. Never point the bottle toward your face or anyone else's. After all, the released cork may be able to fly up to 80 kmph! That could definitely pop someone's eye out.

Make sure that when using sparklers, you carefully follow the safety instructions that are displayed on the firework packaging. In addition, you should follow the regulations and laws that apply to your specific area regarding fireworks and their disposal.

3. Watch the Sparks from Sparklers.

When it comes to firework-related injuries, sparklers are considered one of the primary causes of them. Sparklers should be treated like any other major firework, even if they are smaller in size and seem much less dangerous. Sparklers should only be lit and used outdoors. You should always have a bucket of water nearby in case one gets out of control or is dropped or thrown and starts a fire. Only one sparkler should be lit at a time and duds should never be re-lit. Sparklers, like party poppers, should never be pointed at your face or any other person.

If you or someone else does sustain an eye injury at a festivity or any other time, make sure to schedule an appointment immediately with your optometrist at a place like St Lawrence Optometry Clinic so that the damage can be assessed.